Key 3: Mathematics Literacy

On-track math K-12 with completion of Algebra 2 by grade 11
Proficient/Advanced on MAP Grades 3-8 and Algebra 1 EOC, C or higher in Algebra 2, iReady, ACT, Workkeys

Versailles Math Competition

It was a great morning to be an Indian and attend the Versailles Math Competition. 15 out of 24 students (grades 4-8) received an individual medal. We also received several team awards. I greatly appreciate everyone who contributes to the character, education, and success of all of the math competition participants. 

UE Awards:

Individual 4th Grade:

Xavier Fowler 1st Place

Macy Kauten 3rd Place

Gideon Claxton 6th Place

Gillian Newell 10th Place

Team Overall: 1st Place

HS Cole Camp Math Contest

Saturday, February 29th, the Math Club traveled to Cole Camp for a math contest. In our division, Osage competed against Union Town, California, and Richland. In the category of Top School, Osage placed 3rd. We also had two students in the Top Student category for their grade level, Connor Long (sophomore) - 3rd place and Harrison Adams (senior) - 1st place. We also placed in the following tests:


Team 10: Connor Long - 4th place

Team 11: Corey Hubkey, Lakota Revia, Tyler Woods - 3rd place

Team 12: Harrison Adams, Maria Mai, Cameron Merritt - 3rd place

Math Club Results

On Saturday, January 18th, Math Club (3 students) traveled to Camdenton to compete against California, Fair Grove, Holden, and Warsaw in a math competition. Here are the results:


12th grade Algebra: 2nd place Cameron Merritt 

10th grade Geometry: 5th place Connor Long

12 grade Geometry: 5th place Cameron Merritt

10th grade Manual Computation: 1st place Connor Long

Open Calculus & Advanced Mathematics: 4th place Cameron Merritt

10th grade Team: 3rd place Kameron Yeakle and Connor Long

Open Mixed Team: 2nd place Cameron Merritt