Key 8: The Responsible Self: engaged, servant leadership and character

• 95% or more daily attendance • Participation in Strengths based curriculum K-12 • 50 hours of student tutoring during high school • 12 or more hours of community service yearly (grades 3-12)
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OHS Band at Tri-County Music Festival

This weekend the Osage Band traveled to Versailles High School to represent our School at Tri County Music Festival.  Our students did a great job!  Here were the results:


Receiving a 1 “Exemplary” Rating

School of the Osage Wind Ensemble

Sarah Porter- Flute Solo

Emelia Miller- Flute Solo

Zach Osmanovic- Bb Clarinet Solo

Maria Mai- Bb Clarinet Solo

Claire Groos- Bb Clarinet Solo

Michael Long- Alto Saxophone Solo

Hattie Barrieau- Alto Saxophone Solo

Makayla Friend- Bari Saxophone Solo

Middle School Counseling Happenings

Oftentimes when people ask how my day was, the answer is, "Busy, good, but busy." Busy in middle school counseling means many things though.  Some Days it means I did nothing on my list of to dos but have no real idea what I spent my day doing. Other days, it means I have been helping students individually manage current crises and/or keeping up with paperwork.  On my best busy days, I'm in the classroom. This month has had days filled with all of the above.

OMS Community Awareness Day

Community Awareness Day was a day designed to connect kids to the community and bring awareness to mental health.  The Bagnell Dam Action Team, under the facilitation of Misti Maples, helped organize the event, but also planned lessons around suicide awareness, depression awareness, bullying awareness, positive coping strategies including art, and dealing with drama.  The following community organizations and businesses came in to share what they have to offer our students including volunteer/service activities, physical activities, anti-bullying strategies, confidence and leadership buildi

33rd Annual Senior Citizens Banquet

School of the Osage’s National Honor Society would like to invite all senior citizens to the 33rd Annual Senior Citizen’s Banquet on Thursday, November 21st.  The evening will consist of Musical Performances by the Osage High School Jazz Band, Les Chanteurs, Girls Glee, and the Osage Upper Elementary Choralettes beginning at 4:45 PM.  The performances will be followed by dinner served at 6:00 PM. The attendees are then invited to Cinderella, presented by the Osage High School Drama Department at 7:00 PM.