Soto Innovate

School of the Osage is again planning to offer a summer program of classes and activities for students residing in the School of the Osage district. K-8 Classes will meet from June 3rd until June 21st Monday through Thursday of each week. Classes with an academic focus on communication arts and math skills will be held at the Upper Elementary for grades K-2, grades 3-5 will also be at the Upper Elementary, and grades 6-8 will be at the Middle School. Classes will be held from 8:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. Monday through Thursday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided free of cost. Limited transportation routes, also free, will be available. In addition to our classes that will be offered on campus, SOTO Innovate is excited to announce students will have the opportunity to take online virtual academies through LAUNCH during the months of June and July . Students who choose to participate in LAUNCH will be asked to sign up for two academies. To successfully complete a LAUNCH academy, students will need to log a minimum of one hour per day, per academy. Information regarding the choices of academies can be found on the attached flyer. A separate enrollment form must be completed for each child. Please complete the enrolment form and place a check next to the pick up/drop off location if your student will be riding the bus. Please return the completed enrollment form to your child’s teacher or the building principal’s office by May 10th, 2019. All summer classes are dependent on sufficient enrollment of students. Once your student is enrolled in SOTO Innovate and/or Launch, an enrollment confirmation page will be sent home with the class your student is enrolled in and transportation for your student will also be on this form. If your student is riding a bus, please check the bus route times for drop off and pick up.